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Suk Ja Kang-Engles

The paintings I've been working on this year are in a series I've labeled "Eye-con."  I'm probably not ready to talk about them yet, but I can say that they reflect my recent interest in the mutilation of Asian eyes in pursuit of Euro-white beauty standards.  The cutaway image of a mouth and throat articulating various sounds has also captured me, and so has the memory of traditional Korean landscape paintings, which I've inverted in these works.



Untitled Works

The "Eye-con" Series
(48 x 48)

[Click on each work to see a larger version;
if you'd like to see images of these works on exhibit in a gallery space, click here.]

These days I'm also working in the short video format, and also on a performance piece.  I wish I could show you these works too--maybe soon!  Thank you for your interest.

Suk Ja Kang-Engles is an independent artist living and working in Urbana, IL. Some of her actual efforts are on display at Lowe Gallery in Atlanta. She can be reached via email by clicking here.