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"9 Over 12" Pay Spread

Salary for faculty members is calculated for 9 months (September through May) at their FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) or a percentage thereof, if part-time.  Normally this salary would be paid in 9 installments over the academic year, according to the terms of their contract. They can, however, choose to have a "9 over 12" pay spread.  This option allows them to have their salary paid in 12 equal installments.  This option is available to any faculty or academic support personnel with a contract for at least 9 months and for 50% or more, if part-time.  Although this option is called a "9 over 12" pay spread, it is also available to academic support personnel with a 10 or 11 month contract.

There are two ways to select the 9 over 12 pay spread:

  • New Hires - When a new hire accepts an offer of employment, they must indicate on the offer letter how they want their salary paid.  They can choose to be paid as indicated by their contract or they can choose to be paid in 12 installments.  These choices are located at the bottom of the offer letter.
  • Active Employees - An active employee can change to a 9 over 12 pay spread by contacting the Human resources Employment Office, Room 205, Old Main, extension 3463.  They will be asked to complete a card to select their pay option.  This is also the method used to change a pay option from a 9 over 12 pay spread back to being paid according to contract dates.

Whichever pay option is chosen by an employee, it cannot be changed during the contract period .  Changes must be made in a timely manner before the first payment of a new contract period. Faculty members that have a September through May contract should make any changes before the end of August.  Academic support personnel may have contract that start prior to September.  They should make changes prior to July 1.

Important :  If an employee that has a 9 over 12 pay spread knows that they will be retiring or resigning within the academic year, they should, as soon as possible, notify the Human Resources Employment Office, Room 205, Old Main, extension 3463, to make the change to receive their salary payments within the contract dates.

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