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Additional Compensation

It may become necessary for existing employees to take on additional responsibilities.  Compensation for additional responsibilities is provided via one of the following processes:

Desk Audit

Desk Audits are performed on civil service employees' positions at either the request of the employee or his/her supervisor.

The civil service classification system has established appropriate duties and responsibilities for each civil service classification. As employees gain experience in a job they often take on additional duties. If these duties go beyond the scope of the employee's civil service job classification, a desk audit can be performed to determine whether the individual's job classification is still appropriate.

If it is determined that an individual is working beyond his/her current classification and has the required credentials to do so (according to the civil service system), the fiscal agent for the department has two options. Either the employee's classification and salary level can be raised or the job responsibilities can be reduced back to the level of the existing classification.

If the employee's salary level will be increased, it will be necessary to complete a Personnel Authorization Request Form to increase the funding budgeted on the position.

To request that a desk audit be performed on a position, the Request for Audit of Civil Service Position Form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources department. The signature of the employee, supervisor, dean/director, and vice president are required to ensure that everyone is aware of the audit request. Signatures on the form do not indicate approval of reclassification.

Refer any questions to the Human Resources Department, Classification and Compensation Unit , Room 206, Old Main, extension 581-3816.

Temporary Upgrade

In some situations, a civil service employee's classification can be temporarily upgraded for 30 consecutive working days while he/she performs a different job. In this situation, the employee can be assigned higher-level duties instead of their normal job duties.

To request a temporary upgrade for your civil service employee, the Request for Temporary Upgrade Form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources department. Refer any questions to the Human Resources Department, Classification/Compensation Unit , Room 206, Old Main, extension 3816.  It is not necessary to submit a Personnel Authorization Request (PAR) form for temporary upgrades.  However, fiscal agents should be sure that the position is budgeted at the higher rate.


A stipend may be paid to an employee for performance of higher-level duties that are in addition to the individual's normal duties. This circumstance is usually the result of a long-term position vacancy within the department or of an employee's work on a special project. Stipends can be given to civil service and administrative/professional employees. The form used to request the stipend is the Personnel Authorization Request (PAR) Form .  The Dean/Director of the department and the Vice President for the area must sign the PAR Form.

Request for Supplemental Personal Services Payment

When an Eastern Illinois University employee performs work (paid employment) outside their regular job assignment, a Request for Supplemental Personal Services Payment Form (available in the Human Resources Employment Office, Room 205, Old Main, extension 3463) is used. For example, if a clerical employee works as a ticket taker at an athletic event, this form is used to provide compensation to the employee for ticket taking duties. It can be used for all employee groups.

Questions and completed Civil Service forms should be forwarded to the Human Resources Employment Office, Room 205, Old Main, extension 3463. Questions and completed Faculty and Administrative/Professional forms should be sent to the Academic Affairs Office, Room 105, Old Main, extension 6633.

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