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Paul D. Brown, MBA
BUS1950 Coordinator
4503 Lumpkin Hall
Office: (217) 581-6058
Fax: (217) 581-7244

Susan J. Kling, MBA
BUS1950 Instructor
4505 Lumpkin Hall
Office: (217) 581-8547
Fax: (217) 581-7244


Study Guides


Study Guides

Word Study Guide

Displaying non printing characters
Creating a new document
Auto correcting errors
Using grammar and spelling checker
Using Undo and Redo commands
Previewing a document for printing
Moving and copying text within a document
Finding and replacing text
Changing margins and page orientation
Changing line spacing
Aligning and indenting text
Using Format Painter
Bullets and numbering
Fonts, font size, bold, italics, and underlining
Setting tabs
Setting section breaks and page breaks
Adding headers and footers
Adding a table
Formatting tables

Powerpoint Study Guide

Creating a new presentation
Switching between Powerpoint views
Modifying slide layouts, backgrounds, and content
Promoting, demoting, and moving text
Creating speaker notes
Using design templates
Inserting graphics
Modifing slide masters
Adding a table to a slide
Creating diagrams, autoshapes, and text boxes

Excel Study Guide

Access Study Guide

Computer Concepts Study Guides
Chapters 1-4
Chapter 5-8
Chapters 9-12