Series IV - Volume 1

Series IV, Vol 1, No. 1, Fall 2010

Sponsored By: Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Editor: Ali Riaz
Associate Editors: Noboru Tomonari and Subho Basu
Book Review Editor: Greg Guelcher
©2010 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

Author Title Page
Qiling He Scandal and the New Woman: Identities and Media Culture in 1920s China (pdf) 1
Alex Murphy Traveling Sages: Translation and Reform in Japan and China in the Lae Nineteenth Century (pdf) 29
Michael Wright In Search of "Silver Rice": Starvation and Deprivation in World War II-era Japan (pdf) 57
Steve Hess Nail Houses, Land Rights, and Frames of Injustice on China's Protest Landscape (pdf) 86
Uma Ganeshan Medicine and Modernity: The Ayurvedic Revival Movement in India, 1885-1947 (pdf) 108
Khandaker Islam Good Governance and Bureaucratic Leadership: Can 'Builders and Titans' Approach be Applicable in Public Agency Leadership? A Case of Bureaucracy in Bangladesh (pdf) 132
Review Article    
Talbot Huey Travelers and Sojourners In the Southeast Asian Highlands: A Review (pdf) 157
Book Reviews    
Mehanaaz Momen Recreating the Commons?: NGOs in BangladeshBy Farida Chowdhry Khan, Ahrar Ahmad, and Munir Quddus.  (Dhaka:  The University Press Limited, 2009.  pp. 367. ISBN 9847022000356.  Tk. 680.00.) (pdf) 193
Miracle Obeta When China Rules the WOrld: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order. By Martin Jacques. (New York: Penguin Press. pp. 550. ISBN 9781594201851. $29.95 (pdf) 200

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