Series IV - Volume 3

Series IV, Vol. 3, No. 1, March 2013

Sponsored By: Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs
Editor: Ali Riaz
Associate Editors: Noboru Tomonari and Subho Basu
Book Review Editor: Greg Guelcher
©2010 Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs

  Regular Section March 2013
Bashir Ahmed and Mohammad Tarikul Islam The Role of Union Parishad in Rural Dispute Resolution in Bangladesh: an Evaluation in the Light of People's Perception 188
Chia-rong Wu Re-Positioning Taiwan: Spatial Politics and Cultural Landscape in Dancing Crane's Heterogeneous Writing 211
Douglas P. Sjoquist Commentary: Corporate Hinduism in America: The Usurpation of Hindu Language and Culture 241
Book Reviews    
J. Jeffrey Zink Peter Nolan. Is China Buying the World?, Malden, MA: Polity Press, 2012. 147pp. (ISBN 9780745660783) 252
Yue Zhang Zhang Haihui, Zeng Yingzi, and Zhou Luo. Zhongguo gudian shige Yingwen ji qita xiwen yuzhong yizuo ji suoyin [Classical Chinese Poems and their Western Translations: Extensive Indexes to Recent Renderings], Beijing: Guojia tushuguan chubanshe, 2009. 275 pp. (ISBN 9787501340774) 257
Gerd Jendraschek B.R. Myers. The Cleanest Race: How North Koreans see themselves and why it Matters?, Brooklyn: Melville House, 2008. 200 pp. (ISBN 9781933633916)


Greg P. Guelcher C.T. Assendelft de Coningh. A Pioneer in Yokohama, edited & translated by Martha Chaiklin. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2012. 162 pp. (ISBN 9781603848367) 267

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