All About the Lance Armstrong Team


Our team was made up of three third grade students from Carl Sandburg Elementary and one Eastern facilitator.  We all enjoyed learning about Lance because we all enjoy sports, just like Lance!

"I think Lance is a hero because he had cancer and lived.  Everybody thought that he wouldn't have kids, but he did.  He also rode 2000 miles in 21 days!"


"I think Lance is a hero because he had cancer, he survived it, and had a kid.  He still does races and helps people with cancer."


"Lance is a hero because he's the best biker in the world, he can ride 2000 miles even after he had cancer, and because his mom was his hero!"


"Lance is a hero to me because he would rather be known as a cancer survivor than an Olympic athlete, a world champion, or a winner of the Tour de France.  He has never forgotten how cancer changed him, and he continues to give his time and energy to help those who need him.  He is more than just a biker--he is a hero for so many, and an inspiration to never give up."

      --Gina  Jordan


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