The Life and Times of Lance Armstrong

Even though Lance Armstrong is the youngest WOW global hero, he certainly has had a lifetime of greatness!

1971: Lance was born in Plano, Texas.  Lance's mother, Linda, was a single mother but they loved each other very much and had fun.

1985: Lance won the Iron Kids Triathlon--he beat a bunch of big kids!

1991:  Lance became the U.S. Amateur Champion.

1992:  Lance finished 14th in the Barcelona Olympics.

1993:  Lance became the World Cycling Champion.  He also won one stage of the Tour de France in honor of his friend who died in a bike crash.

1996:  Lance finished 12th in the Atlanta Olympics.
          Lance was told he had cancer in his brain, lungs, and abdomen.

1997:  Lance started the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help people with cancer.

1998:  Lance married his friend Kristin and joined a new cycling team after his old team didn't let him ride anymore.

1999:  Lance won the Tour de France
          Lance's son Luke was born

2000:  Lance won the Tour de France again and participated in the Sydney Olympics.

2001:  Lance won the Tour de France for the third time!

Lance celebrates with his wife Kristin and his mom


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