The Iditarod Dog Sled Race
    The Iditarod race starts in Anchorage.The finish line is roughly 1,151miles away in Nome!

The race can last anywhere from ten days to two weeks sometimes!!!!

The athlete that races the dogs in the Iditarod race is called a Musher. The maximum number of dogs the musher can start the race with is 16. A musher must have at least 12 dogs on the starting line when the race starts. Five of the dogs have to be on the tow line at the end of the race. All of the dogs have remain on the tow line or hauled in the sled. Dogs are not allowed to be left behind or allowed to run loose. Because the race is so long, it is common for the dogs to become tired or injured. But don't let this get you down, these dogs love the race even more then their mushers!!!

The Iditarod race starts on March 3rd, 2002! There are 68 teams preparing for this years race!!!

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