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Fleet Vehicles

Eastern Illinois University operates a fleet of vehicles for the official business of faculty and staff.  Requests to use a fleet vehicle should be submitted to Central Stores.  Click here to view a sample Vehicle Request Form and to get instruction on how to complete the form.  All vehicle requests must be signed by the fiscal agent of the account to be charged for use of the fleet vehicle.  Vehicle Request Forms can be obtained from Central Stores, extension 2899.  The motor pool can be contacted at extension 2899 for vehicle availability and cost information.  The motor pool provides maintenance and repairs to the University's fleet of vehicles, stationary diesel engines and gas engine equipment.

Procedures To Follow In The Event of An Accident

Credit Cards Provided With University Vehicles

Credit cards of major oil companies will be provided with each vehicle scheduled for long distance trips (drivers using vehicles locally will not be issued credit cards).

Only service stations of those companies listed on the back of the credit cards can be utilized for the purchase of necessary gasoline, oil, lubrication, tires, battery service or minor repair work away from campus.

The credit cards are not to be used for covering costs of lodging, meals, candy, cigarettes, sunglasses, parking or toll fees, or any charges that are not directly connected with the maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

Inasmuch as a credit card of a major oil company is provided with each vehicle, it should not be necessary for a driver to pay cash for normal service items chargeable to credit cards; therefore, expenses incurred at service stations that do not honor the credit cards provided with the vehicle are not reimbursable except in emergency situations.  Should an emergency situation arise, drivers may be reimbursed.  To request reimbursement, drivers must provide Central Stores staff with a signed receipt upon returning the vehicle.

Vehicles in the Charleston area should always be serviced at the Central Stores garage.  Credit card charges for breakdowns incurred in the Charleston area will require written justification if verification is deemed necessary by the Motor Pool.  Charges at local service stations for routine services such as lubrication, washing, etc., will be charged to the departmental account of the assignee with no credit allowed against the normal trip charge.

Drivers must verify all charges and be sure that the vehicle license number is on the charge ticket before signing it.

All charge tickets and credit cards are to be turned in to Central Stores at the time the vehicle is returned from its assignment.

The loss of charge tickets inevitably leads to delays in payment of charges and incurs unnecessary additional time and expense to the University in tracing and verifying charges; therefore, exceptional care should be taken to prevent loss of the tissue copy of charge tickets.

Handling Repairs While On The Road

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