TEC 5323 Advanced Database Technology

How to Submit Your Project
and View Your Project Grades

(Updated May 2019)

All projects in TEC 5323 Advanced Database Technology course will be submitted through a Dropbox in D2L. The procedure is as follows:

1. Login D2L from EIU homepage.

2. Select the course: TEC5323 600-- Advanced Database Technology.


3. Go to Assessment -- Dropbox

4. Select the Dropbox folder for the week, for example, Project I Oracle Installation.

5. Click "Add a File."--and "Upload." Browse to the file in your computer. Then, click "Add."

6.Make sure to click "Submit" to complete the submission.

7. Confirm your submission by clicking "Done." This is an important step to complete the submission.

Job well done. Sit back and relax. The instructor will have to sweat after this point.

You can only submit one time for each project since the instructor will only read one file per student. If you need to submit a new version, your old file will be overwritten or replaced by the new one.

8. After the hard labor of grading by the instructor, you will be able to view your score on the graded project with joy. You can click the "graded" to view your project score, similar to what I got below.

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