TEC 5323 Advanced Database Technology


Course Syllabus
(Updated May 2019


Serious Note: According to university policy, summer courses are supposed to have the same content and rigor as courses taught on regular (Fall and Spring) semester.  In other words, this course will have the same work requirements as in regular semester which runs for 16 weeks.  However, due to the fact that there are only six (6) weeks for the summer session, we will have to work more than twice as hard.  For example, we normally require 10 push ups every week (in your own private room).  Now, it seems to be logic that we have to do 27 pushups every week for the summer session.


Instructor: Peter Ping Liu, Professor, Ph D, PE, OCP, CQE and CSTM

1016 Klehm Hall
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Monday through Friday


(217)581-7426 (with voice mail)

Email: Please use the email within D2Lto communicate to the instructor, regarding any issues for this course. The email within D2L is simple, but clean.
Course Description:   Study of advanced database technology (Oracle) for applications in contemporary industry including architecture, operations, system maintenance and management.
Credit: 2-2-3
Prerequisite:   Experience with and access to high performance computer which allows students to install their own Oracle software (Oracle Database Enterprise Edition). System requirements: RAM >526 MB (minimum) and enough hard drive capacity, Windows 7 or newer.

Course Objectives:

Students will:

  1. Demonstrate principles of design, development, and administration relevant to Oracle database technology.
  2. Formulate a working definition of database development and administration.
  3. Identify the contemporary architecture of database systems.
  4. Survey the characteristics of widely used hardware, operating systems , and software for the database technology applications.
  5. Apply advanced database technology to manage operations in industry.
  6. Gain a working knowledge of developing and maintaining a small-scale database project.
  7. Develop skills of leadership, problem solving, and communication.
  8. Discuss issues related to Internet-centered revolution in computer technology.


  • Textbook: All required readings were posted on the course web site. Please refer to the Schedule for reading assignment for this course.

    Please note that students are required to read all course materials posted on the course web site.

    As a part of continuous improvement, students are encouraged to find errors in the posted chapters. If you find an error in any code presented in the text, you will receive 5 bonus points for this course. Please email the instructor about your findings to redeem your bonus.

  • Reference Book: The book you received from Textbook Rental Services will serve as a major reference book for this course. It is entitled "Oracle 12c: SQL" by Joan Casteel, Cengage Learning (c2016).

  • Internet: http://www.oracle.com and other web sites.

  • Assigned Readings in Database Technology. Please refer to the Schedule for each chapters for this course.

Course Outline:
  1. Principles and applications of database technology
  2. Installing Oracle
    Project I
  3. Database access with SQL
    Projects II, III
  4. Programming with PL/SQL
    Project IV
  5. Building a database
    Project V
  6. Security and resource management
    Project VI
  7. Database space management
  8. System backup and recovery
  9. System performance tuning 
  10. Final Project

A total score will be calculated using the following weighted percentage:

Weekly Discussion (Instructor-Led Discussion) 10%
Problems and Solutions (Discussion)
Mid-term test         
Final project                       

Individual grade is based on the total score using the following scale: 

Total >= 90
80 <= Total <90
70 <= Total < 80
60 <=Total < 70
Total< 60

Academic Integrity:


Students are expected to maintain principles of academic integrity and conduct as de-fined in EIU’s Code of Conduct (http://www.eiu.edu/judicial/studentconductcode.php). Violations will be re-ported to the Office of Student Standards.

More detailed policy will be found in a separate file for "Course Policy."


Students with Disabilities:

If you are a student with a documented disability in need of accommodations to fully participate in this class, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services (OSDS). All accommodations must be approved through OSDS. Please stop by Ninth Street Hall, Room 2006, or call 217-581-6583 to make an appointment.


The Student Success Center:

Students who are having difficulty achieving their academic goals are encouraged to contact the Student Success Center (www.eiu.edu/~success) for assistance with time management, text taking, note taking, avoiding procrastination, setting goals, and other skills to support academic achievement. The Student Success Center provides individualized consultations. To make an appointment, call 217-581-6696, or go to 9th Street Hall, Room 1302.


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