TEC 5323 Advanced Database Technology

Frequently Asked Questions
(Updated May 2016 for the Fun in Summer)

Q: Where do I attend class?
A: There is no classroom meeting for this course. Every learning activity taks place within D2L. Your login for D2L is exactly the same as your Panther Mail and PAWS.

You will be able to see all the course content and weekly schedule within D2L.

Q: Where do I get help if I have problems with my password?
A: You may contact the Informationa Technology Services (ITS) help desk. The phone number is (217)581-HELP. You may also use the following web site to reset your own password: https://password.eiu.edu/

Q: When do I attend class?
A: This course is conducted in an asynchornomous mode. In other words, everyone will be working at their own pace. You may attend the class anytime as long as you commit yourself at least 9 hours per week for the course. Look at the schedule to see the tasks, assignment and activities for every week.

I strongly recommend that you start working at the tasks on earlier part of each week. In this way, if you have any problem/difficulty, you will be able to post it for help on Wed.   If you would like recommendations regarding study habits, please e-mail the instructor.

Q: How do I take test?  When do I take test?
A:  Details for the teram test is under the Test tab, you may also click here to see the guidleline.
You may see when the test will take place from teh weekly schedule.

Q: How do I participate in the D2L discussion board (For Instructor-initiated discussion)?
A: A D2L discussion topic is another name for discussion area.  You will be talking electronically within a discussion topic area.  However, this is different from a chat room.  You can post your answer to the discussion topic area at any time and your answer will be posted.  Then, when others log on to D2L, they can respond to your answer as a part of course requirement.  There is not a scheduled time to take part in the discussion board.  In the topic area, messages are posted and threaded under each other depending on how you and others reply to a message.  The thread is organized by the subject of the message. 

For the rules of the Discussion, please refer to the course policy.

Q: How do I post my technical problem/difficulty through D2L discussion board (For student-initiated discussion)?
A: Log on to the TEC 5323 class web site  Click on D2L Discussion Board. Double click the Week #: Problem and Solutions. Click "Start a New Thread." Type your problem/question in Subject. Provide as much details as possible in the message body. After you make sure the message is complete, click "Post."

Please have one posting for each different problem/question. In other words, if your problem/difficulty is different from those posted previously, compose another one.

For more details, please refer to the course policy.



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