TEC 5323 Advanced Database Technology

Course Schedule
(Six Week Summer Term, June 10-July 20, 2019)

Please note this summer course is designed as an accelerated course by condensing the work load of a 16-week semester into a 6-week term. Thus, anticipate busy and hard work for the entire 6-week summer term.

Please use the following schedule as a hub for this course. By using this schedule page, you will be able to see all the activities and assignments to be happening during each week. There is no reason to miss any due date if you follow the schedule.



Required Readings


Due Date (11:30 PM )

  • Familiarize the delivery system, policy and participants
  • Understand principles and applications of database technology
  • Installing Oracle
The following lists all required assignments for this week:
June 15

Free Tips




Database access with SQL

Please note there are two (2) projects due this week.

June 22

Free Tips




Programming with PL/SQL

June 29

Free Tips

Another Free Tip


Building Database

July 6



  • Security and resource management
  • Database space management

July 13


  • Database backup and recovery
  • Database monitoring and tuning


July 20

Free Tips


Serious Note

         According to university policy, summer courses are supposed to have the same content and rigor as courses taught on regular (Fall and Spring) semester.  In other words, this course will have the same work requirements as in regular semester which runs for 16 weeks.  However, due to the fact that there are only six (6) weeks for the summer session, we will have to work more than twice as hard.  For example, we normally require 10 push ups every week (in your own private room).  Now, it seems to be logic that we have to do 27 pushups every week for the summer session.

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