Series II

Series II, Vol 2, 1969

Sponsored By: Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs - Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
General Editor: Robert J. Miller
©2004 Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University

Studies On Asia SERIES II, VOL. 2 1969
Robert J. Miller Editor's Foreward (pdf) v
Philip H. Ashby Introduction: Religious Ferment in Asia(pdf) 2
Robert J. Miller Editorial Note:Selective Reception and Transmission as a Process of Religious Ferment(pdf) 18
Yahya Armajani Sam Jordan and the Evangelical Ethic in Iran(pdf) 22
Jerry K. Fisher Nakamura Keiu: The Evangelical Ethic in Japan(pdf) 37
Joseph W. Elder The Gandhian Ethic of Work in India(pdf) 51
Key Ray Chong The Religious Meaning of Ch'oe CheU's Tonghak Doctrine (pdf) 63
A. Bharati The Language of Modern Hinduism: Cognitive Models and Ethnoscientific Analysis (pdf) 80
Robert J. Miller Editorial Note: How Shall We Model the World? (pdf) 104
Ainslie T. Embree The Social Role of Religion in Contemporary India (pdf) 108
Minoru Kiyota The Buddhist Model for Renewal: An Examination of Contemporary Buddhist Sangha in Asia (pdf) 122
Beatrice D. Miller Lamaist Laity and Sangha in West Bengal, India (pdf) 140
J. Stafford Weeks Rissho Kosei-Kai: A Cooperative Buddhist Sect (pdf) 156
H. Byron Earhart The Interpretation of the "New Religions" of Japan as New Religious Movements (pdf) 169
Robert J. Miller Epilogue (pdf) 190

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