Series I

Series I, Vol. 4, 1963

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Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson
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Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 4 1963
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction(pdf) vii
Martin Deming Lewis Problems of Approach to Asia's Modern History(pdf missing) 1
Frank B. Bessac The Culture-Type Approach to Area Studies 17
Harumi Befu Network and Corporate Structure: A Structural Approach to Community Communty Interrelations in Japan(pdf) 27
Roy E. Teele Formal and Linguistic Problems in Translating a Noh Play(pdf) 43
Robert K. Sakai Landholding in Satsuma(pdf) 55
Mikiso Hane Nationalism and the Decline of Liberalism in Meiji Japan (pdf) 69
S.Y. Teng Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Chinese Secret Societies (pdf) 81
David Wurfel Taiwanese Nationalism: Problem for United States Policy (pdf) 101
Winston L. King The Way of the Tao and the Path to Nirvana (pdf) 121
Scott D. Johnston Religious Politics and Parties in Israel (pdf) 137
Harold A. Gould "The Incident of the Fish": A Sociological View of Contemporary Indian Political Trends (pdf) 155
Richard Butwell The Patterns of Regional Relations in Southeast Asia (pdf) 171
Grant K. Goodman Davaokuo? Japan in Philippine Politics, 1931-1941 (pdf) 185

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