Series I

Series I, Vol. 7, 1966

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Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson
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Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 7 1966
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction(pdf) vii
Francis J. Corley, Sr. The Emergence of Samsara in Vedic Thought (pdf) 1
James Luther Martin The Economy of the Tiru Jeer Math Alagianambira (pdf) 15
Robert J. Miller Background to Buddhist Resurgence: India and Ceylon (pdf) 39
Eleanor Zelliot Background of the Mahar Buddhist Conversion (pdf) 49
David J. Hesselgrave The Background and Methodology of Soka Gakkai Propagation: An Overview and Brief Rhetorical Analysis (pdf) 65
Minoru Kiyota Buddhism in Japan Today: The Agony of the New Generation (pdf) 77
M. Ladd Thomas Political Socialization of the Thai-Islam (pdf) 89
Robert O. Tilman The Socialization of the Chinese into Malaysian Politics: Some Preliminary Observations (pdf) 107
E. Mowbray Tate U.S. Gunboats on the Yangtze: History and Political Aspects (pdf) 121
Grant K. Goodman Japanese Pan-Asianism in the Philippines: The Hirippin Dai Ajia Kyokai (pdf) 133
George M. Breckman Yarnakawaism and the Japanese Communist Party (pdf) 145
Joseph S. Chung The North Korean Industrial Enterprise: Control, Concentration, and Managerial Functions (pdf) 165

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