Series I

Series I, Vol. 6, 1965

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Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson
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Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 6 1965
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction (pdf) vii
Ping-chia Kuo Areas of Rising Interest in Chinese Studies(pdf) 1
Frank N. Trager American Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia(pdf) 17
Andrew C. Nahm Reaction and Response to the Opening of Korea, 1876-1884(pdf)  
John H. Boyle The Role of the Radical Left Wing in the Japanese Suffrage Movement(pdf) 81
James Shirley Factionalism and the Left Kuomintang(pdf) 97
Barbara Teters A Liberal Nationalist and the Meiji Construction(pdf) 105
Jackson Bailey The Origins and Nature of the Genro(pdf) 125
William E. Steslicke The Japanese Medical Association and the Liberal Democratic Party: A Case Study of Interest Group Politics in Japan(pdf) 143
James P. Soukup Business Political Participation in Japan: Continuity and Change (pdf) 163
Harold A. Gould True Structural Change and the Time Dimension in the North Indian Kinship System (pdf) 179
Karl H. Potter Religion as Resistance to Resignation (pdf) 193
Winston L. King Samsara Revalued (pdf) 201

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