Series I

Series I, Vol. 5, 1964

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Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson
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Studies On Asia SERIES I, VOL. 5 1964
  Front Matter and Table of Contents (pdf) i
Robert K. Sakai Introduction(pdf) vii
Arthur J. Robbins The Foreign Consultant's Role in Newly Developing Countries(pdf) 1
Ping-chia Kuo Mao Tse-Tung and China's "Poor Peasants," 1927-1957 (pdf) 13
Frank Tucker Sino-Soviet Relations as Conditioned by Competition of Factions and Pressure Groups in the U.S.S.R.(pdf) 27
Yung-Hwan Jo An Interpretation of Professor Kimikawa's View of Japanese Diplomacy(pdf) 51
Chong-Do Hah Bitter Diplomacy: Postwar Japan-Korea Relations(pdf) 63
Fred R. von der Mehden Some Aspects of Political Ideology in Malaysia(pdf) 95
Scott D. Johnston Communist Party Politics in Israel (pdf) 105
Minoo Adenwalla British Responses to Indian Nationalism - The Irwin Declaration on Dominion Status (pdf) 121
Romeyn Taylor Founding of the Ming Dynasty as an Event in Chinese Social History (pdf) 143
Richard B. Landis The Origins of Wampoa Graduates Who Served in the Northern Expedition (pdf) 165
J.L. Fischer Family Roles as Conceived by Japanese Children (pdf) 175
Winston I. King Split Selves and Fractured Karma (pdf)  

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