Interesting Facts!

Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin with one window,
   one door, and it was only 24 feet long with a dirt floor.

Lincoln's parents could not read or write.  Abe taught himself
   to read by borrowing books.  His favorite books were adventures
   and tales like Robinson Crusoe and The Arabian Nights.

  By the time Abe was 16 years old, he was six feet tall!

  Lincoln was a captain in the Black Hawk War in 1832.

  Lincoln was a farmhand, railsplitter, ferryman, postmaster,
   store owner, surveyor, and lawyer before becoming a politician.

  Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln were married in 1842 and
   had four children.  Two of their children died at young ages.

Abraham Lincoln was our first President to have a beard!

  Even though the Gettysburg Address is one of the most famous
     speeches ever given by a President, it only took Lincoln two
     minutes to speak it!

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