Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith:
American Heroes!
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While working on this website, we learned a great deal about Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith, the creators of the world famous art company, Crayola.  These two men formed a partnership in 1885, and the cousins first sold red paint to use for painting barns.  The company took off from there, and it now produces over 12 million crayons each day.  Crayons aren't the only art supplies produced by Crayola.  This company also makes Silly Putty, markers, highlighters, and watercolor paints, as well as other safe art supplies.

Why are these men American heroes you ask?  Its simple!  Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith started the company that has reached out to children all over the world.  Their products have inspired many artists, and are used by millions of children and art students each day.  Their company is known for customer satisfaction, as well as caring about diversity and culture.