Binney and Smith:  A Crayola Timeline

1860:  C. Harold Smith is born in London.
1866:  Edwin Binney is born in New York.
1885:  Binney and Smith form a partnership and produce red pigment to paint barns.
1900:  Binney and Smith produce dustless chalk and win a gold medal at the St. Louis World 
1903:  The first box of 8 crayons is made.
1936:  Binney and Smith becomes a founding member of the Crayon, Watercolor, and Craft 
           Institute to promote safe art materials.
1958:  The first box of 64 crayons is made.
1964-1974:  Binney and Smith goes international!  Plants in Canada, England, and Mexico are
1976:  Crayon production is increased thanks to machines and technology.
1977:  Crayola markers and activity kits are introduced.
1981:  The company tops $100 million in sales for the first time.
1993:  Sixteen new colors are introduced and named by customers to celebrate 90 years of
           Crayola crayons.
1996:  The 100 billionth crayon is made!
2003:  Crayola celebrates its 100th anniversary!
Today:  The Binney and Smith company continues to grow, adding new products based on 
            values, high qualities, customer satisfaction, and of course, color and fun!

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