Contributions of Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith

Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith are the founders of the Crayola company which produces a variety of safe art products used by millions of children around the world.  Their ingenious ideas have helped the Crayola company to become known throughout the world as one of the top producer of crayons and other art products.  Their company has changed the way the world looks at art.  Some of the world's most famous artists probably started their careers with a box of Crayola crayons.  Because of their company, millions of children and adults can enjoy drawing and coloring and creating beautiful works of art.  Thanks Edwin and Harold!

  "Without Edwin Binney and Harold Smith, Crayola would not be a big company like it is today!"

  "I have Crayola colored pencils in my pencil box right now!"
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